Bosch Automotive in partnership Hyperledger India Chapter has released a problem statement for automotive supply chain for Hyperhack 2021.

Prasaga has answered the challenge for a blockchain based “Real World Application” Solution with the following proposal. We will release the Enterprise Development and TestNet environment for Proof of Concept (PoC) projects in Automotive supplychain and any other vertical/industry where Fungible or Non Fungible assets solve real world problems.

XBOM Background

Prasaga has created a development and runtime environment on Hyperledger Fabric that implements an on-chain first-class object model enabling both the inherent and inherited reuse of class code. It enables flexible…

By: Michael Holdmann, Prasaga CEO

With the XBOM infrastructure you have a very interesting capability that is enabled, there is no need for a token to represent an asset. In XBOM, assets are objects in accounts on the blockchain. Title or ownership of any type of asset can be transferred between accounts, not just tokens. One vertical that would benefit greatly from this is regulatory bodies, such as those that oversee securities markets worldwide.

With XBOM you are transferring asset from one account to another on the blockchain. …

By: David Beberman, CTO and Michael Holdmann, CEO

The underlying concept of the atomic swap and the Uniswap concept is the ability to control separate smart contracts from another smart contract. This enables a single transaction to encompass swapping different tokens. We should view this as proof of the underlying concept of asset swaps of any kind encompassing any type of assets not just tokens[i]. To do this, we need to design the fundamental models of exchanging arbitrary objects, which can be overridden with security functions in subclasses.

Let’s start with the basics of transferring an object between two accounts[ii]

By: Rich Phillips, Prasaga Advisor


The Prasaga eXtensible Block Object Model (XBOM) enables supply chains to build a digitized line of communication and object-oriented data sharing mechanism between vendors and suppliers. By creating an auditable and immutable chain of proof and certification which not only reduces risk in the final product, it allows for a more open and accessible value chain.

In the world of automotive manufacturing, where the final product has sincere safety implications for the user, this burden of proof falls largely to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). …

EWiGS is a new approach to government supply chain to include procurement, fulfillment, usage, contractor efficiency and overall budget administration.


With blockchain, there is an opportunity to take advantage of a technology foundation to better align the government, it’s contractors, allies and most importantly its citizens. EWiGS enables real-time tracking of every dollar spent and every point of touch throughout the lifecycle of an asset whether perishable, non-perishable, tactical or non-tactical. …

In July 2019 we were asked for comment from Malta Financial Services Agency (MFSA), we focused on questions 10 ,12 and general comments as they most pertained to our platform capabilities, in the MFSA Security Token Offering Consultation Doc. July 19, 2019

We thought we would share our comments with the community as we are now engaging with several nations regulatory bodies based on our technologies capabilities. …

Regulatory Compliance

Imagine a life of anonymity while legally participating globally in any transaction you have right to.

Imagine, a life in which all interactions requiring personal identity was a simple scan of a UID verifying the necessary rights to participate without giving any personal information to the other party, just verification you can legally transact and do it anywhere in the world and in compliance with any regulations geographically.

The Crypto community has created a method for anonymity of transactions, focused on transferring cryptocurrencies between accounts and avoiding detection of assets until withdrawn via an exchange. What has not been successful…

A First-Class Object Model; How Ancestry and Inheritance Create the DNA of Smart Contracts 3.0 Platform

Prasaga offers the following analogy of our eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) and how it is the DNA of Smart Contracts using Canine (Dog) as an example.

DNA allow for Ancestry and Inheritance

All dogs have the same foundational DNA. Dog DNA has 38 pairs of autosomes (non-sex chromosomes) for a total of 76 chromosomes plus the two sex chromosomes (X and Y) for a grand total of 78.

Every Dog starts with the same 78 chromosomes. Some of a dog’s chromosomes however are customizable for the species and sex…

Financial and Governance Models for Stability and Growth Built on Proven Systems

There are four core financial models in the DataGrid Blockchain. These are the following:

Monetary Policy Model

Treasury Model

Gas Price Model

Node Staking Model

The Monetary Policy Model manages the supply of the DataGrid Token, changing the rate of increase or decrease based on economic information.

The Treasury Model manages the budgets for the Prasaga Foundation, the Prasaga Philanthropic spending, the wealth redistribution function, and a short-term surplus.

The Gas Price Model manages the average gas price with respect to the total DGB economy, to maintain profitability…

The Long-Term Attack and Short-Term Network Partition Solution For Blockchain

By Michael Holdmann and David Beberman

Michael Holdmann

Founder & CEO at A Foundation building Decentralized GlobalOS and a Single, World Class Tree.

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