Eliminate Waste in Government Spending (EWiGS)

Michael Holdmann
4 min readApr 2, 2020


EWiGS is a new approach to government supply chain to include procurement, fulfillment, usage, contractor efficiency and overall budget administration.


With blockchain, there is an opportunity to take advantage of a technology foundation to better align the government, it’s contractors, allies and most importantly its citizens. EWiGS enables real-time tracking of every dollar spent and every point of touch throughout the lifecycle of an asset whether perishable, non-perishable, tactical or non-tactical. All state and logic data for every transaction can be held in a private government enclave and private segregated permissioned containment trees on a fully open and global permissionless chain enhancing security by utilizing the full global hashpower.

The heart of the system is a First-class object model, an architecture with a proven history of implementation in leading operating systems. Prasaga’s Patented eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (SagaOS) creates a Decentralized GlobalOS and Global (to your operating environment) Class Tree of all Assets, Certificates, ID’s and full regulatory compliance via autonomous enforcement with 100% transparency and eternal immutability.

The SagaOS enables a very secure ecosystem administered through either Global, Agency, Branch or individual Supply Chain specific class trees. This creates:

1) A fail fast development environment for better use of capital, makes General Availability l00x faster and potentially avoiding failures such as

a. http://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/29/business/coronavirus-us-ventilator-shortage.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab

2) Mitigation of Bugs and Malicious code, all instances of an object created in any account references the same exact code on the blockchain.

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3) Regulated Anonymity, Objects can be certificates creating individual Unique Identifications (CAC)

a. https://medium.com/@michael_11858/life-as-a-unique-id-uid-cd2378d46ac8?source=friends_link&sk=84dc39351cf061ccf763489e7ce80db1

4) Living organizations require dynamic blockchain development.

5) Running live code across the network exponentially increases developer productivity over time.

6) Makes new Blockchain use cases feasible.

For immutability, Prasaga has integrated XBOM (SagaOS) into Hyperledger Fabric v2.x https://youtu.be/biAb9dtFE2I for PoC. We are now finalizing , SagaPython and SagaOS into Prasaga’s native patented SagaChain Technologies, a next generation advanced technology implementation that brings a new level of efficiency, performance and security to the current 1st and 2nd generation implementations.

To create a truly useful foundation, it is important to integrate a high performance message bus infrastructure based on United States Department of Defense (US DoD) mandated communications protocol https://www.prasaga.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Actionable-Data.pdf into the ecosystem- https://www.prasaga.com/ecosystem-whitepaper/. The integration allows for full secure communications between all humans and machines with full ability to auth command and control based on individual auth intrinsic in the account on the blockchain.

By integrating a distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as a DAG into an Internet of Things Messaging Bus, the immutable tracking of every touch point from the raw material mined and manufactured which will be used for the printed circuit board to the immutable identity of every system and individual throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset is achieved. The data itself cannot be on the DAG, as it would overwhelm the system. The actual data uses the message bus infrastructure with all transaction recorded via a hash on the chain. This will lower instances of bad actors having access to or participation in the critical assets that the government and its contractors utilize. We have also created our Trustworthiness protocol which randomly validates the authenticity of the devices sending data and the data itself.

For supply chain, our use case is for Automotive however, the failures and inefficiencies are duplicated regardless of the supply chain vertical. https://www.prasaga.com/automotive-supply-chain/. The XBOM allows full autonomous compliance which will give immutable record from raw material through end of life. One note of interest, once the integration tool is built, it would take about an hour to integrate all DLMS XML’s into classes and build an XML class tree, put on the blockchain as objects for use as the base code of all instances in all accounts across the government.

With this system, it is ensured that all funds appropriated can only be spent on the specific project based on the digital agreement and all its terms and conditions which must be met in order on both sides for settlement to happen. All terms are agreed to between the parties and cannot be edited, monies cannot be redirected, and any budget not utilized in the completion of the contract would be returned to general budget, not given to the contractor. It also ensures the real-time information from the digital world will be presented to appropriate command and control to ensure operational excellence.

These are very high-level thoughts on how governments can better serve their citizens by reducing the errors and over costs that plague while enhancing security, performance and overall efficiency across the entire procurement systems of the US and other world governments.



Michael Holdmann

Founder & CEO at prasaga.com A Foundation building Decentralized GlobalOS and a Single, World Class Tree.